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Ans: The biggest difference is that UV and UV LED inkjet printer use different light sources to cure inks. Because of different light sources, the emission wavelength for curing the inks are different.

The wavelength for curing UV inks is between 245nm~405nm. While the UV light is emitted, the traditional mercury lamp would generate heat along with ozone. Heat and ozone may cause warpage of the printing media.

On the contrary, the LED-UV lamp, which generates UV light at various wavelength, does not generate heat and ozone.

Because of different light sources, the formulation of UV and UV LED inks are quite different. It is strongly recommended to discuss with us your light sources before we supply you the most suitable ink.

Ans: When a printhead is clogged, it maybe due to the following reasons:

1. Instability of Inks: Disequilibrium of the forces surrounding each pigment particles would cause the pigment particles to aggregate or/and agglomerate. The aggregation or agglomeration of the pigment particle would form a much larger and viscous gel.

2. Exposure of Light: When Inks are exposed to light, depending on the duration of exposure, the inks will gradually to polymerize and form larger particles. It is because light, which often contents UV light, would trigger the monomers in the inks to polymerize. In other word, inks are cured.

3. Dust: Dust in the air may enter the printing system and clog the printhead.

By using Sitech Flush Cleaner is able to remove these clogged inks. Please contact us for further information.

Ans:One of the key ingredients to success in digital printing is the use of the correct ICC Profile. Using the wrong profile can cause color shifts and production

ICC stands for International Color Consortium, an industry group devoted to standardizing color in commercial printing applications. An ICC profile is an element in RIP (Raster Image Software) software that allows the software to coordinate the physical attributes of your printer, print head, ink, and media to obtain correct and consistent color. ICC profiles contain several elements including rendering intents, dithering patterns, ink levels, etc. To obtain an ICC profile, please contact us for further information. There are input and output profiles. We’re dealing with output profiles here which are designed to control the quality of the images you output to your digital print devices.