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Our Products

Sitech is not just a UV inkjet ink maker, but also a raw material supplier for all UV inkjet ink makers globally. 

Founded by chemists who are expertise in surface chemistry and organic synthesis, Sitech is capable of designing and producing the most stable UV inkjet inks

Sitech’s ranges of UV-curable digital inks are designed for roll-to-roll, hybrid and rigid printer applications with either Mercury or LED curing systems. Their low odor makes them being environmental friendly to all users. All types are custom-made.

Sitech latex inks are suitable for all piezoelectric printheads. It offers a wide color gamut and is UV/water/solvent resistant. All types are custom-made.


Latex inkjet inks are designed to replace conventional solvent and eco-solvent inks. Unlike solvent inks, latex inks can adhere to most substrates. In comparison to UV inks, it provides better adhesion. It is by far the most versatile, odorless and safe inkjet ink for digital printing.

Based on the experience in UV technology, Sitech develops inks suitable for 3D printing. In order to meet customers’ requirements, Sitech works out the eventual polymer’s tensile strength, hardness, glass transition point and etc. to make the most suitable 3D printing ink product

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