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Solutions for Your Inkjet Printing

a world-class professional, technical and quality chemical material supplier


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Provide Experienced & Reliable OEM and ODM Solutions for Our Partners

Sitech aims to continue developing new technology, often through strategic partnerships, by focusing on end user requirements. Our fast responding, formulation capabilities and experiences in chemistry enable us to help you to create new market opportunities.

Founded by Experienced Chemists

Sitech is the abbreviation of Sun Rise Industrial Technology.  Sun Rise Chemical is well known in paper and textile industry, specialized in manufacturing optical brighteners slurry, pigment slurry and resins. With over 40 years of the experience of manufacturing dispersion of optical brighteners and pigment slurry, Sun Rise has developed technologies of controlling particle size of the pigment slurries, stabilities of dispersion, and viscosities and surface tension of the pigment slurries.

Partnership with the Best Raw Material Suppliers in the World

Our raw materials are provided by the most reliable companies from Germany, USA, Finland, Korea, Taiwan and Japan.  Discussion between our partners and us takes place on a regular basis.  These meeting are held often for new raw materials development in order to meet new requirements from the industries.  This allows us to update our formulations so you have the solutions with the latest technologies.


UV Inkjet Inks

Sitech’s ranges of UV-curable digital inks are designed for roll-to-roll, hybrid and rigid printer applications with either Mercury or LED curing systems. Their low odor makes them being environmental friendly to all users. All types are custom-made.


Latex Inkjet Inks

Sitech latex inks are suitable for all piezoelectric printheads. It offers a wide color gamut and is UV/water/solvent resistant. All types are custom-made.


3D Prinitng

Based on the experience in UV technology, Sitech develops inks suitable for 3D printing. In order to meet customers’ requirements, Sitech works out the eventual polymer’s tensile strength, hardness, glass transition point and etc. to make the most suitable 3D printing ink product


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